The Filth Eater

Players Guide and Background

The Effric Empire and its Emperor

The Effric Empire stretches further than the Emperor ever though it would. Further than he ever thought it should. It wasn’t that it didn’t have to, because it did and he knew it, it was that he knew that for every inch of ground that was claimed in his name he would be closer to rectifying what tarnished his family name a millennia ago.

He made a name for himself by striking out against a local warlord without much of a name; but it gave his name a meaning. It also gave his name a target. He anticipated this, planned for this. His next move was to convince those that helped him make his first move to help make his second and third. It worked. What seemed like overnight, his army grew. Those that needed a place to go, came to him, and he accepted them with eagerness. Those that had been with him from the start maintained high positions due to loyalty. Those that showed that same regard to loyalty received similar rewards. And over time, he massed a fealty of land that rivaled the size of any neighboring kingdom. But the ends were what would justify his means; and he was nearing his end.

The Empire’s people

The people of this area come in all races due to expansions over the years. Humans, being the most abundant, fill the majority of the ranks in the government and the military. But that is not to say the minorities haven’t flourished as well.

As a player, there is not a preference on race or class. All bonuses and stats will remain the same.


The capital city of Effrield, home of the Emperor, is located on an inlet of the Vacious Sea, north east of the center of the Empire. Surrounding the city and expanding outward, you will find all sorts of towns, villages, and further south The Port of Good Fortune. This port was one of the last southern acquisitions of the Empire and is a strategic stronghold and supply hub. To the south of The Port is the land of Earstonia; the two separated by roughly 30 miles of water called the Fallow Straight.

Most of Effric Empire is a mix of sprawling fields and lush forests. However, the further north one goes, the more the land flattens and becomes a desert. The land of Earstonia is mostly a mystery, but most reports that you have seen describe the land as baron until you make your way inland.

Congratulations Cartographer.

The emperor’s army is made up of three main battalions; The Hog Eaters, The Bird Watchers, and the Orange Spears. The Hog’s and Bird’s are comprised of similar groups. Both groups contain parties of typical soldiers with healers and mages mixed within. The Orange Spears, however, is unique in their makeup. While they have the typical members, they also contain a group called the Cartographers.

Before the Empire can expand, the Cartographers must be sent in to do what their name entails; survey the land and determine the best approach to conquering it. Whether it be through bribes, generosity, cleansing, or the one that is most costly, war. You are a member of this group. You have been selected and pulled out of the army ranks for your unique talent. Possibly, you were noticed in the populous as a gifted being deemed not living to their potential as far as the Emperor was concerned. Either way, congratulations on this wonderful opportunity!

After being placed in a group with three other newer members you are sent on the most unfavorable of mission. Sent to a far off place, where there is no communication with leadership and no room for failure. The only advice given to you, as a Cartographer, is to use your own intuition and figure out the problem. Once the mission is complete you can come home and report your findings.

The region you are being sent to is one of mystery and intrigue to the leadership. If the Emperor had your ear for only a minute he would tell you that he has avoided this region until only now for personal reasons. The map you were given shows the southern portion of the continent of Alabastos, home of the Effric Empire, and the northern portion of Earstonia separated by the narrow Fallow Straight. What you know of this Straight and Land to the south is that traveling there has been avoided for centuries and the few travelers crossing the Straight to the Effric Empire rarely have good intentions.

Due to the nature of the mission and the unknown that lies ahead the mission is simple. Enter the area, make contact with the first inhabitants you find and convince them of the wonders of the Effric Empire. Another full scale war must be avoided in this region without a foothold for supplies and support.

Stolen Lands

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